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As a Proforma PLP, we are committed to helping you provide timely and effective digital marketing solutions to your customers. We know that not everyone is comfortable talking about or selling websites, hosting, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and all the other digital solutions we provide. To help you start that conversation and get your foot in the door, we're providing a weekly social media post for you to share on your social accounts for the first quarter of 2021.

Post #3: 5 Elements of Successful Digital Marketing 

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Making sure all 5 elements of successful digital marketing are working for you can be exhausting. Ignoring or neglecting any one of these can have direct consequences on your bottom line. We can help. Send us a message or comment to learn more.

Post #2: Take 5! Check Your Google My Business Listing

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If you’re a business owner, this is your friendly reminder to take 5 minutes today to check your Google My Business listing to make sure it is updated, accurate and complete! Not sure how to check? Drop a comment or DM us and we’ll help you out.


Not sure what Google My Business is or how you would even answer this question if someone comments? We've got you covered! 

Post #1: Is Your Website Working For You

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Step 2: Download the PDF checklist that you can send out to those who request the document.

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If you can count the number of leads you got from your website last year on one hand... it might be time to perform a website audit. Comment below or send us a message to get the 11-point checklist to help diagnose an under-performing website.

Step 4: Open your Facebook page and create the post by uploading the image and pasting the caption into the post box. Hit post and your message will be live for your fans to see.

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