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Know your value
Though our office is on Main Street in Ferndale, we get relatively little walk in traffic. Most people who are[...]
What’s your social strategy?
Recent research from Forrester finds that posts from top brands on Facebook and Twitter reach just 2% of their followers.[...]
Think thank you
In an increasingly informal digital world, continuing to pull out pen and paper to write a thank you note is[...]
Small things you can do to make your website awesome
There is no doubt that a website can be a fantastic tool for educating clients and ultimately increasing sales. Taking[...]
How to set an out of office reply in smartermail
If you host email with us, you have access to a webmail interface that allows you to manipulate the settings[...]
Security Alert: Phishing with fake DocuSign
Please think before you click. This afternoon, I received a message from a person I know well, but the message[...]
Perform a website audit
Many website owners take the Ron Popeil approach with “set it and forget it” and while that may work for[...]
What to do when your email gets hacked
Notice, we did not say if, but when. The number and sophistication of attacks is increasing all the time. For[...]
Email Phishing Scam
Being a website and email host means you need to constantly be on the look out for new threats and[...]
Blogging Best Practices
Last week we gave you 11 tips to help you re-energize your blog. Now that you know what to write[...]
Take your blog from blah blah to rah rah!
Articles and statistics touting the benefits of blogging are ubiquitous. You know you probably should be blogging, but how and[...]
How to add someone to your trusted senders list
If you host email with us, you can login to your webmail account and add a user name or domain[...]
How to check your junk folder
Email that meets a certain criteria can be sent directly to your junk folder instead of going to your inbox.[...]
Let’s talk about hackers…
 Despite ever - advancing security practices, major security breaches happen on a regular basis. From Home Depot to Target to[...]
Dealing with content copycats
  Most business owners understand the importance of unique, relevant content on your website. Quality content not only helps you rank[...]
How to create a video that looks great
 Videos are great way to introduce your products and services in a visual way. With the introduction of low cost[...]
Website design help for non-designers
Websites come in all sizes and shapes to meet the needs and wants of their owners. We have been designing[...]
Email marketing pop-quiz
We’ve had a lot of inquiries about email marketing lately and how to use it profitably. If done correctly, email[...]