Branches & Roots Doula

February 23, 2021

Branches and Roots provides doula services in and around Whatcom County. The owner, Veronica Degolier, wanted a simple website that clearly communicated her passion for empowered and confident childbirth. The website was created in WordPress and is updated regularly with new class information by the site owner. We love the simplicity of the site and look forward to seeing Branches and Roots become one of the most respected doula services in Whatcom County.

"ProFusion Web Solutions is hands-down the best website building company to work with. Their services for me were rapid and done with care and quality to create a website better than I was capable of envisioning. I am so thankful to have hands on support whenever I need it, as they are more than willing to show me what needs to be done for great upkeep of my site. My doula business has a specific target market and is a small niche, however they perfectly captured the feel and style of my line of work... to me, that service is invaluable. Overall, they gave me an excellent, complete website accompanied with the knowledge of how to stay up to speed in the digital world as my business grows over time. I will recommend their work to anyone needing a website, and will return to them for all of my needs in the future."

-Veronica Degolier

Branches and Roots homepage

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