Dustoff Medical

January 22, 2021

https://www.dustoffmedical.com/ - Dustoff Medical created the Suspected Orthopedic Fracture (SOF) Split. It’s one of those products you really hope you never need, but those who do need it are sure glad they have it. The SOF Splint was created by an active duty military member for military use. It can be used as a sling, splint and immobilizer when out in the field. Limited resources can often force medical professionals in the field to get creative with the tools that they have at their disposal. The SOF Splint makes improvising unnecessary.

For Dustoff Medical, we created a simple WordPress website with an online order form.

The president of Dustoff Medical had this to say about his experience working with ProFusion:

"Patrice Valentine is highly professional, dedicated woman who designed my web site. She did a fantastic job in getting my web site up and running, designing the look and the customer interaction components, and even helped me with my point of sale technology. I would highly recommend Mrs. Valentine for any web development, and am very grateful for having worked with her."
Screenshot of Dustoff Medical Homepage

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