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How Do I Get the Most From My Blog Posts?

January 14, 2021

Blogging is a great way to create brand awareness, build trust and showcase expertise for your business. We even wrote a whole blog about why you should be blogging and provide blogging tips for those who may have writer’s block! While blogging is proven to be helpful for your SEO and for your customers, we admit that sitting down and writing a blog post can be tedious and time consuming. The good news is that once you go through the trouble of writing that blog post you can reuse and repurpose all that content you just created!

Static Image Posts:

Image of a phone screen showing Instagram with a post that reads "Your Blog Content Here"

While we don’t recommend trying to fit an entire blog post into an Instagram caption, you can select small pieces of information and reformat them for social media. On Instagram you can use a carousel format, to fit in more content without overwhelming your reader. 

Tip: try to keep the number of words in each Instagram graphic around 10 or less…you can elaborate more in the caption. Facebook is a little more forgiving, since the surrounding text is pretty small.


Picture showing phone screen with that says your blog content here

You can use your blog post as a script and create a video of the content. This is helpful because you don’t have to write extra content, but you can elaborate with a screen share, or even answer some extra questions in the video.


Send that content out to your email list! This is an easy way to remind your email subscribers that you’re out there, and also send them helpful information!

You might want to truncate your blog if the information runs a little long or is heavy on images. A simple “Read More” button can get more people onto your site.


Image showing a phone screen with an instagram story that says your blog content here

Instagram and Facebook have a great “Stories” feature, which can be a way to create a mix of the above content. You can share a quick FAQ related to your blog post, or create a quick vlog where you talk about some of the content. Aim to keep these relatively succinct.

And that’s how you transform one blog post into tons of content!

I hope this helps you and convinces you of how helpful a blog post can be! Happy writing.

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