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How to create a video that looks great

July 25, 2020

Videos are great way to introduce your products and services in a visual way. With the introduction of low cost HD video cameras (including video cameras on our smartphones) more and more businesses are choosing to market with videos and there are good reasons why.

  • Video drives higher engagement and longer retention. You only have about 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. 65% of viewers watch more than three quarters of each video, meaning you keep them engaged longer than text only pages.
  • Video is the winning medium in driving conversions. 70% of marketers say video is the most effective means to driving conversion. Product videos can increase purchase intent by up to 85%.
  • Video improves the results of other marketing assets. Adding video to the promotion of your other content assets can boost their performance.

Video is easier to access and more available than ever before. Buyers now expect video content.  If you can’t afford to hire a professional to make the video for you, follow these tips to producing a high-quality do-it-yourself video.

  • Set a goal. First and foremost, decide what you want your video to do. Your goal could be to make the phone ring, demonstrate a product, explain a service or introduce your key players. Whatever the goal of your video is, make sure you know before you start filming.
  • Use good lighting. If you are filming in a dark space, bring in some torchiere lamps or some desk lamps (try removing the shades for more lighting) to brighten the area. These can even be off camera and just used to lighten the area.
  • Make sure you can be heard. If you are filming near train tracks, make sure you wait until no trains are passing before you start rolling. A microphone isn’t always necessary if you can minimize background noise and if you speak clearly and slowly.
  • Plan out your script. Some people can wing it, sound great and get out everything they want to say in an eloquent manner. Most people, however, do better with a well prepared, memorized script. Keep it simple and try not to appear robotic. Pretend you are having a conversation with the camera. Also, try reading through your script in front of a mirror to see how and when you should add facial or voice inflections to your script.
  • Look the part. If you are going to be in the video, make sure your appearance will make a good first impression. Sit up straight and be confident in your delivery. For clothing, try not to wear stripes or anything with a busy pattern or large logo.
  • What’s in the background? If you are filming in your office or a common area, make sure the background is fairly uninteresting. You don’t want the background of your set to take away from the overall message. If you can find a blank wall (contrasting from your clothing), that would be a fine place to film.
  • Keep it straight. If you are placing your camera on a table with or without a tri-pod, try to make sure it is level. You do not want to appear crooked or sliding downhill. Also make sure you are centered in the screen both horizontally and vertically. If you don’t have a tri-pod, try resting your camera on a ladder. You can use the ladder rungs to vary the height and get the shot you want.
  • Keep it short. Depending on your goal, you may want to keep your video short and sweet. Sales messages tend to do best at under a minute in length. If you are doing a product demonstration, you may need a little more time. Highlight the major items early in the video to make sure the user gets what they need to know in the first part of the video.
  • Promote it. A video is only good if people watch it. Once you have completed your video, post it to your website and social media accounts. Send a note to existing clients letting them know what you just created.
  • Most importantly, relax. You are the expert in your field and you have a lot to say. If you have prepared properly for your video, creating it can be just as easy as hitting record and delivering your message to an untapped audience.

Whether your video is instructional and educational or meant to be a sales tool, using the tips above will help you create a video you will want to share with clients.

Want an extra set of eyes?  Feel free to share your video with us. We’d be happy to provide you with some constructive criticism or some powerful praise! Contact ProFusion to get started

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