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Importance of testimonials for a small business

December 7, 2020

If you often find yourself wandering through the review section before ordering a product online then you already know the importance of a solid online review. Similarly, Testimonials give credibility to your business and make you stand out from your competitors. Many people underestimate the power of feedback and testimonies; however, it can enhance your business’s appeal by attracting potential customers. Here’s why testimonials are essential for your company.

Builds Reputation

When a business receives positive feedback with a five-star rating, it is more likely to increase its sales. Big companies leverage their reputation because of the strength of their large customer-base alone. In this competitive world, along with product recommendation, the most reliable source is online reviews. 92% of people said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase.


There is a reason that being on Oprah's Christmas list can rocket a company to success. Curious to find out what the hype is about, we may jump on the bandwagon and follow specific trends. This strategy can attract more customers effectively if your product is endorsed correctly.

Boosts Conversation
A positive comment by your loyal customers acts as a credible source that your prospective customers can trust. According to a study, the frequent use of customer testimonials can help you generate roughly 62% more revenue from the initial purchase and helps create brand loyalty.

Increases Engagement
Testimonials have the power to boost your engagement rate. When customers provide insights to the business and post their personal experiences, it gives your potential customers a chance to build a connection. According to an infographic by socialfresh.com, “customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.“

How can you leverage your Testimonials?

Website’s Homepage

The website’s homepage is the first page your users land at. It is essential to build a great first impression. Adding customer reviews to your homepage will create a positive first impression.

Social Media Pages

One of our clients runs a "Testimonial Tuesday" on her social media accounts and uses the words of other to help promote her business.

Email Campaigns

Sprinkle those testimonials into your email marketing efforts too! Ending with a quote from a real client at the bottom of your educational email is a great way to tie your message with the social proof a customer might need. 

Testimonials  can boost your small business significantly. Word of mouth has always been that one factor that can influence people’s decisions. So when you add testimonials to all your digital outlets and combine them with creative marketing tactics, it helps your business make a great first impression and helps you get higher conversion rates.

How do you get reviews?

The easiest way to get reviews is to ask for them.  In your email marketing, client survey or after the sale, ask the client to go to Google and leave a review of their experience. Google even makes this easy for to create a link to leave a review. Just like we've done below. 

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About the author

Patrice has over 18 years experience in sales, marketing, business development, and project management. Coupled with excellent interpersonal development and creative problem solving skills Patrice leads the sales and marketing efforts at ProFusion. Patrice loves helping small businesses grow! Email her at patrice@profusionwebsolutions.com

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