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Website + Email Hosting Services

Hosting is the fee you pay to rent the storage space your website + email take up on a server. a lot of things go into hosting; security, storage space, backups and with over 30,000 websites getting hacked daily, hosting is an essential part of a web solution.

Website Hosting Services

With over 30,000 websites getting hacked daily, hosting is an essential part of a web solution. Hosting is the service that keeps the website up and running and accessible to users. Hosting is like your car insurance; no one likes to pay for it, however, if something goes wrong, it’s a life saver to have a good plan.

A “good hosting service” is one with reliable up-time, accessible website backups, separate email hosting, and knowledgeable support. You’ll often see low-cost hosting advertised, however, these cheap hosting services often leave you with little support should something go wrong with your website.

With our WordPress hosting, your website and all the plug-ins used to create it will be updated every Friday. This will ensure that you are always running the most current version of the application thus lessening your chances of having a security breech. These updates are included in your hosting price.

SSL Security

We all need security . . . and so do our websites. An SSL Certificate is like having a lock on your front door, keeping intruders at bay. SSL’s not only keep websites safe, they tell browsers that the site is committed to keeping information secure.  You know a site is safe when you see that the URL starts with “https://” and not http://. The extra “s” means the connection to the website you are on is secure and has encrypted any data you enter and share with that website. The technology behind that little “s” is the SSL. Having an SSL on your site is the way to protect your current customers information and to gain the trust of potential customers. All with that little “s”. 

Having an SSL on your site is also beneficial to your organic Search Engine Optimization as Google has stated they do use SSL as part of their ranking algorithm. Contact us for more information about SSL Certificates or ProFusion hosting services. 

ProFusion Hosting Includes: 

  • Premium Managed WordPress Website Hosting
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate
  • Thrive Theme license fees ($79/annually)
  • Architect editor annual license fees ($67/annually)
  • Clever Widgets annual license fees ($39/annually)
  • Leads mailing list generator application annual license ($67/annually)
  • Envira Gallery application annual license ($99/annually)
  • Smart Slider 3 application annual license ($35/annually)
  • Security Pro application annual license ($80/annually)
  • Gravity Forms pro annual license ($159/annually)

ProFusion Hosting Services start at $55 per month for WordPress sites, and $24.95 for Web Builder clients. 

We host it all.

We do not need to be the developer of your site in order to host it. If you are not happy with your current service provider, we may be able to pick up and move your site from the current environment to ours. Send us a message to see about moving your site to be hosted with ProFusion.

Get in touch!

We would love to talk to you about your business. We are here to help you reach your goals. Please send us a message, schedule a meeting, give us a call.