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Web Design & Development

Running a business is no easy task. Let ProFusion take one thing off your ever growing to-do list with a professionally designed website that makes a great first impression, legitimizes your offerings and motivates users to engage more with your company

We create attractive, results oriented websites.

What we know:

We know that a beautiful website helps create a good impression. But your site should do more than just look good. We create websites that help turn prospects into brand evangelists; and we do it all within your budget.

We determine what platform to build your site on, based on your needs, desires and level of customization.

We have a 6-step process to decide how best to serve our clients. We want to know why you do what you do, how you do it, how long you’ve been doing it, why you are better, what you can systematize, who your competitors are, what are they doing, where your bottle-necks are, where you shine, etc.

The process:


You interview us, we interview you. There are a lot of questions asked in this step.


Once we know what you are looking for, we will deliver a written proposal with a fixed bid price.


When the proposal is accepted, we then begin the design phase. We take into consideration who your target market is, what they will be doing on the site and what the goals of your site are before we begin designing the site.


Once the design has been approved, we start creating pages and integrating any necessary plug-ins or modules into the site. If you already have a live website, this is typically done on a development URL so that only you have access to it while it is under construction.


Before we hand the site over to you, we run it through a series of test to make sure it works the way it should. We look at the site in all different browsers and on different devices. We test buttons, links, images, font sizes and colors… we make sure it looks and functions perfectly.


Once you give us the green light, we launch the site on the live domain. We then install the SSL, additional security functions, verify the site is working, & where applicable redirect old site pages and do an initial backup of the site.

Build Your Website Package!

We have been in the business of building beautiful, conversion-focused custom websites since 2004. And in that time, we have never had 2 sites that are quite the same. We know that your website will be a new adventure as well, and we want you to be able to create the package that works for your needs! Because of this, we offer all our services a la carte. If you only need 1 page, you can have that. If you need 1 page + ecommerce, we can do that too. 

Single Page Site - $750

The sole purpose of a single page site is to get someone to act. Whether you want to collect data via a form or take them to a shopping cart, a landing page is optimized to convert. 

  • Single page, responsive design
  • ADA Accessible page & content layout
  • Contact/Feedback Form
  • Google Analytics Installed
  • Drag & Drop Editor for Easy Updates

Additional Pages - $200 each

Showcase your products and services, provide contact and location information and tell your company story.

Blog Set-Up - $200

Blog posts allow you to answer FAQs, feature your work, or showcase your expertise. They also are very helpful in Search Engine Optimization.

- $1250

Sell your products! This includes a template for Product Pages, on site or off-site checkout and configuring plugins for shipping etc.


$55/month - Premium hosting
$125/Month - Premium Hosting + 1 hour Site support

Once you have a beautiful website...

We can help the world discover it!

After the Launch - Support and Maintenance Options

Website Support

Whether your website is a brand new baby or an old work-horse, there are times when things need to be changed or updated. Most websites today allow a site owner to make modifications using easy to use editors. No matter how simple, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. Or the changes you need made cannot be made without knowing how to modify the code. You may find that you need some additional functionality added or want some new graphics created or images resized, modified, and optimized to fit your site. When these necessities arise, we can help!

  • Support plan options

  • What sites can we support? 

Support plan options

One hour per month (annual package) - $990 - If you have a small batch of regular updates that need to be made on the site, a 1-hour per month plan might be the most cost effective way for you to have these changes made. Just email us the updates or post them to our project management system and we'll take care of it!

3 Hour Package - $350 - This is a great package if you have some updates to make on the site, would like website training or graphics created. Time is debited from the package in 15-minute increments and do not expire until the time is fully exhausted. 

6 Hour Package - $550 - same as above with preferred pricing and more hours!

WordPress Maintenance 

WordPress is a web application that changes and updates often. A recent survey showed 46% of sites using WordPress were running on an old version. The top 2 reasons for sites being hacked are insecure passwords and outdated software. If you have better things to do than check your WordPress website for updates and security holes, let us do the website babysitting for you. For a small fee, we will keep your WordPress website backed up and up-to-date. Even if we didn't build your WordPress website, we can maintain it!

  • WordPress Maintenance Plans

  • Helpful Information

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Premium Plan - Each week we physically check your site, take a back up, apply any updates to your WordPress core application, theme files and plugin, and test for compatibility. And we will even provide quarterly reports of all updates. Websites can be restored all he way back to the date of enrollment, should that be required. Total maintenance peace of mind.

Premium Plus Plan - All of the above plus 1 hour of support time per month. The support time can be used for content changes, new page creation, SEO consulting, training, etc.

Get in touch!

We would love to talk to you about your business. We are here to help you reach your goals. Please send us a message, schedule a meeting, give us a call.