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What is an MSP and why do I need one?

October 14, 2020

MSP stands for Maintenance Service Package and is specifically used on sites that are built using WordPress and hosted with us (ProFusion).

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). In non-tech speak, it is a massively popular tool that is used by developers and novices alike to create blogs and websites. Open-source means the code that was used to write WordPress is made freely available to anyone who would like to download it.

Having open-source code is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it empowers developers anywhere to create and contribute beneficial code that can be added to the core application once reviewed. Developers can also create “plugins” that can be added to a site but that don’t actually change the core code. Think of adding cheese to a hamburger; the meat doesn’t actually change, it just now has cheese on it. Plugins are the cheese to the WordPress hamburger.

The curse of open-source is that any holes or code vulnerabilities discovered in one install are there for all installs. Which is why WordPress comes out with new releases of the core application all the time. These updates are critical to install if you want to keep your website running and secure.

Just to drive home how critical updates are:

  • 61% of infected WordPress sites are out of date.
  • 37% of WordPress vulnerabilities result from the WordPress core files.
  • Wordfence reports up to 90,000 attacks on WordPress sites every minute.

You might think that all of this can only lead to one conclusion; if you want a secure website, don’t use WordPress. But that’s not entirely true. If you set up a WordPress site and do not manage it on a regular basis, then yes, your site will be very attractive for hackers. But that is where the importance of a service like our Maintenance Service Package comes in.

What do I get with a Maintenance Service Package (MSP)?

The ProFusion MSP provides you with:

  • Regular WordPress core application updates. As these updates become available, we will back up your site, run the update and then test for any incompatibilities.
  • Regular Plugin updates. 52% of the vulnerabilities reported by WPScan are caused by WordPress plugins. It is just as critical to keep plugins up-to-date (or deleted if not in use) as it is to keep the core files up to date.
  • Site backups. In the event that something does go wrong with your site, it is important to have a clean backup of the site. Having an MSP with your website hosting plan means regular site backups that we can pull from if needed.
  • A monthly site security update report (you can see what this report looks like here).
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your WordPress site is secure. Should any hack attempts be successful, a site with an MSP is covered and all restore efforts will be done free of cost to the site owner (unless of course, we find out the site owner actually installed some malicious code, but who would do that?).

What if I have a WordPress site but do not have an MSP? 

If you elect to host your site without an MSP we do expect that you will login to your WordPress application and run the necessary updates yourself. We recommend you take a full site backup prior to updating the core application or any plugins in case these is a compatibility issue that renders the site unavailable. If we need to pull a backup of your site and restore it, there will be a charge for customers without an MSP.

For about $.82 per day, your website maintenance can be managed 100% by ProFusion Hosting.

What about Support?

We differentiate between Support Packages and Maintenance Packages. Maintenance deals with all the issues mentioned above while Support takes care of training, content edits, page creation, social media posts, email marketing, etc. Many of our clients opt for the ESP/MSP combo (Essentials Support Package / Maintenance Service Package) which provides all the WordPress maintenance services as well as one-hour of support work per month. 

What if we didn’t build your site?

Even if ProFusion didn’t build your WordPress website, we can still host, manage and support it. We will handle moving your WordPress site from your current host to us free of charge. Want more info on moving your hosting to ProFusion or on our Maintenance Support Packages? Let’s chat!

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