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Welcome Net Solutions North America Friends!

After 15-ish years of doing business in Bellingham as Net Solutions North America (or just Net Solutions or NSNA), we are officially updating our name and branding to ProFusion. ProFusion has always been a part of NSNA, like a second cousin, but now we're officially letting our little cousin take over.

We think you'll like the change.

Jeez! We had really let our NSNA site get stale. Content wasn't updated, the design was... well... old. Our new ProFusion site (and most sites that we build) uses WordPress as the engine and some premium plug-ins to make it a workhorse for our company. We want to do the same for your business.

If you're a NSNA customer or were looking to get a quote from NSNA, you're in the right place! Take a look around our new site, read our blog and request an estimate when you're ready.